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Keyboards 10/88

October 1998

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Johannes Prischl / The Logic Notation Guide

Problem: You need to print out some good-looking sheet music that includes nested tuplets, ossia bars, and other esoterica, your sequencer of choice is Emagic Logic, and you're not sure how to get the program to do the job. Solution: This 200-page folio-size book. Prischl covers advanced techniques in a clear, orderly manner, and the book comes with numerous example sequences on a floppy. Topics include score styles and layout settings, template files, page layout and printing, note length and rhythm, time signatures and beaming, key signatures and accidentals, lyrics, trills and other ornaments, and much more.
Jim Aikin

Sound On Sound 8/99

Sound On Sound
August 1998

Logic Audio take note

Almost before the software is available, users of Emagic's new Logic Audio Gold and Platinum MIDI + Audio sequencing software can take advantage of a tutorial book. Johannes Prischl (he's behind the notation tutorial on the Logic Audio v3 CD-ROM) has self-published the Logic Notation Guide. The book runs to 204 pages, and comes with a floppy disk (Mac or Windows 95 format) containing 28 Logic song files.
It covers musical notation with Logic Audio Gold and Platinum software on a medium to advanced level, using an approach based on practical examples, many of which are included as Logic files on the disc. Apart from presenting different approaches for working with Logic's Score Editor, both for MIDI sequencing and score printout, the book also contains some special solutions for notation effects which seem to be impossible using the basic functions described in the manual...

KEYS 07/2001

July 2001

The Notation Expert 

What Len Sasso is for the environment, Johannes Prischl is for the score part. With the Logic Notation Guide (LNG), Prischl has written the standard work on notation with Logic Audio [...]. The LNG helps to make perfect use of Logic's on-board notation capabilities. After reading this book, quite some people will realize that they won't need to get a specialized notation program at all. [...]
(translated from German)

Feedback from Logic Users:

There is a spectacular resource available for those interested in using Logic as a scoring tool, and that is Johannes Prischl's Logic Notation Guide. I ordered one from him years ago and it is simply sensational . His deep knowledge of the program is accompanied by a wonderful ability to explain how to use many of Logic's more arcane scoring features. All I can say is that if you plan on using logic to notate music, this is an invaluable guide. There's simply no way I would have been able to complete my commissions without it. .
Ian Putz

I received my copy of Johannes Prischl's Logic Notation Guide. In a word: I'm blown away! The book not only looks great, but he is showing things (scores, that is :-) done in Logic I hadn't thought were possible! If you are serious about notation with Logic, I can only recommend this book.
Fokke DeBoer

The LNG is just what I've always wanted! I had already done some projects with notation challenges, and as I read the Guide, I find myself saying, "That's how I should have done it!" The writing style is excellent; the examples are very clear.
Pat Magill

Thanks! Wow - this is a great book! Well written and packed with tips (even for an old score dude like myself. Well done :-)))
Gregor Elbaek

I received your Logic Notation Guide recently, and I think it is absolutely great. You are cleverly exploiting every last strength and weakness of Logic, it seems.
Kevin Murphy

It is an excellent book and has helped me tremendously, as did your score tutorial, and I thank you for it many times over.
Sheldon Sper

I recently received your "Logic Notation Guide." You have done a wonderful job in compiling much needed information for the Logic User.
John Cannon

Thank you very much for LNG which I have worked through and much enjoyed. Found it helpful not just for notation, but for many other areas of Logic also.
Kofi Busia

It is fantastic, and removes many gripes by showing ways round them. Everybody needs a copy!
Brian Gascione