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This website is from the year 1998 (except the updated ordering information). I still leave it online since the book which it is about occasionally is still of interest for some people and is still available (see menu).
The website itself, concerning web design and web standards, is completely outdated, which I am aware of. One reason to leave it like this is to make clear that what it describes (i.e. the book) is very old, although it can still be useful to people working on musical notation with Logic.

General Information

  • The LNG is a book with  204 pages (A4) and a downloadable file archive (Mac or Windows format) containing 30 Logic song files.
  • It covers musical notation with Emagic's  LOGIC Audio Gold and Platinum software on a medium to advanced level, using an approach based on practical examples many of which are also included as Logic files on the disc. The printed book covers the 3.5/3.6/3.7 versions of Logic. The supplementary file archive (among other things) contains the LNG 4.7 addendum, which covers the additional score features in the 4.0 to 4.8.1 versions of Logic. This addendum is a document in pdf format which can be printed out or viewed on the screen.
  • Apart from presenting different approaches for working with Logic's Score Editor both for midi sequencing and score printout, the book also contains some special solutions for things which seem to be impossible with the regular methods.
  • The book covers both the Mac and Windows versions of Logic. Differences between the versions are pointed out. The included floppy disc is available in two formats and contains Logic files in the original format of the corresponding Logic version. This means that no file conversion and related problems will take place when these files are loaded.
  • The  downloadable supplementary file archive contains:
  • Example files demonstrating Logic's notation capabilities with related explanations in the book. These range from small one-bar examples to complete compositions and arrangements.
  • Tutorial files relating to the descriptions in the book
  • Templates for bigband, string quartet and lead sheets
  • Files containing environments useful for MIDI sequencing mainly based on Logics Score Editor, for example
  • A "Trill machine"
  • As part of the templates: Environment patches which allow you to trigger different sounds from the same staff/track (i.e.: for string instruments arco/pizz, for brass instruments muted/unmuted, woodwind doublings etc.)
  • Repeator Pro: A Logic Environment patch with a user interface allowing to simulate the correct midi playback of repeat signs, first and second endings, D.C., D.S. with and without repeats, Coda and Fine as written in the score!
  • The Logic Notation Guide 4.7 addendum, an electronic document in pdf format.
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